0.76 is HERE!!!

To All Mega-Edgy GIF Kings and Queens...

Thanks again for making GIFs with us. You are WOKE.  We have evolved a new version of GIFsquid, intelligently designed with some nice new features.

----------------------------What is new? I don't believe you--------------------------------

Believe it, Sister: You can now set the framerate and size of your GIF automatically instead of manually entering it. Also the UI has some new touches and surprises.

----------------------------DOPE OLD 0.71 FEATURES--------------------------------

Dope Old Feature: We no longer overwrite your existing GIFs. Each new GIF gets its own name, like a properly loved child. (requested by slowface)

Dope Old Feature: The Advanced Dither settings dialog now gives you more feedback and checks you aren't doing anything wrong. More than 256 colors is illegal! (proven necessary by Javafritter)

----------------------------We aren't perfect turns out--------------------------------

Some things to watch out for:

Known Issue: Save you After Effects project to a folder, not the root level of a drive. ie. "c:\folder\project.aep" not "c:\project.aep"

Known Issue: Don't use special characters in your comp's name. This can cause problems.

----------------------------GIVE US FEEDBACKKKKK--------------------------------

Please leave a comment or post on the board with any comments or suggestions or bug reports or whatever man.

We want to know what's good in your hood.

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Does this support an alpha channel in the GIF?

The legacy version of gifsquid supports a transparent color and is included with your purchase.