Something's cooking and it is cooking up FAST

0.8 is real now, man

Hey Y'all

It means a lot to us that you keep making GIFs with your old pal GIFsquid. The more you use him, the better he gets. Like a baseball glove or something.

----------------------------Is it TURBO TIME yet?--------------------------------

Yes, little Timmy.  Now you can choose to use "Turbo Mode" which will "shoot" your GIF file out super fast (like a bullet), but may reduce the quality a tiny bit (or a ton, depending on the length of your project)

Please note that Turbo Mode doesn't respect any settings expect for the "resize" options. That will be coming soon but we wanted to get Turbo mode out there NOW NOW NOW YESTERDAY.

Known Issue: Save you After Effects project to a folder, not the root level of a drive. ie. "c:\folder\project.aep" not "c:\project.aep"

Known Issue: Don't use special characters in your comp's name. This can cause problems.

Your feedback is important:

Please reply or leave a comment on with any feedback you have for us.

Tell us what is what so that we know what is what.

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